Professional Building Design Services

Sustainably Driven

We believe in design that is kinder to our environment.

Individually Bespoke

We design specifically to your needs, your site; every project is unique.

Intimate Design

We tailor-fit your home to your lifestyle. Functionality is key.

Creating the home that matches your lifestyle

At Studio HCB, we know that your ideal home isn’t just the place you rest your head; rather, it’s the centrepiece of your life. Just like each of us, your home is unique. Therefore, we take great pride in really listening to what you want in your ideal home; every detail is important.

We care about the journey as much as the destination

Putting the ideas for your dream home from pen to paper can be an overwhelming task. Although, it doesn’t have to be! With years of experience in creating bespoke home spaces, we will guide you through the entire process; making the experience of creating and building your dream home an exciting process!

Environmentally Considered

We take extensive care and effort to consider the environmental impact of every aspect of the building and construction process. Every decision, along every step in the process is justified. That way, we can ensure that every element of the design process is done in a way that is environmentally responsible and sustainable.